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All our products can be made for indoor or outdoor playing full-color high resolution images in Puerto Rico.

  • Banner
    Flexible material of great versatility.

  • Mesh Banner
    Perforated flexible material recommended for places where the impact of wind is received.

  • Adhesive Vinyl
    Flexible material which allows you to adhere it to several surfaces.

  • Translucent Banner
    Flexible material that allows the light to pass through.

  • Photographic Quality Poster
    Accurate reproduction of images in full color on paper, through the process of developing it photographically, not by the use of ink.

  • Photographic Quality Backlit
    Accurate reproduction of images in full color on Fuji Trans material, through the process of developing it photographically, not by the use of ink.

  • Bushelter
    Printed in various flexible materials that have the ability to illuminate from behind.

  • Static Cling
    Fixing static material by allowing the adhesion to be by means of static without the need for adhesive.

  • Canvas
    Flexible material like the ones artist use that allows reproducing images in full color.

  • Fabrics 
    Material in two types of fabrics (Stretch – Satin), which allows viewing of full color high resolution visuals. It allows you to present your product in high quality material.

  • Magnetic
    Flexible material with capacity to adhere to metal. It has the versatility to be removed easily.

  • Floor Graphics
    Flexible material to be used in all floors.

  • Window Graphics
    Perforated flexible material for use on glass windows.

  • Counter Tops
    Visuals for counters, printed in a variety of rigid materials which allows you to personalize your product through die cutting.

  • Displays
    We can respond to the needs of your product creating a display that cover strictly the size and the image that you want to present. We usually work the displays on cardboard of various thicknesses allowing images to be printed.

  • Acrylic
    We make photo montages in acrylics in various sizes and thicknesses, depending on the needs of the customer.

  • Die-cut
    Printed product cut in a variety of rigid materials which allows personalizing your products in different shapes. Die-cutting is done by computer program that allows a precision cut.

  • Rigid Materials
    Used for different applications in a variety of sizes and thickness which prints directly to the surface of the material through equipment known as flatbed.

  • Sample of Rigid Materials: Foam Board * D-Board * Syntra * Styrene * Aluminum * Cardboard * Acrylic * Gatorboard.



  • Graphic Design
    Our group of qualified designers is available to design, schedule and produce your ideas graphically. Our source of photos will enable us to establish visual communication directed to the customer necessities.

  • Custom Projects 
    Designers, installers and trained staff in the reproduction of design and ideas, allow us to perform and produce unique projects that respond to your needs and requirements.

  • Mounting
    VG offers a complete array of mounting options that include: Foam Board, Gatorboard, D-Board, Syntra, Styrene, Aluminum, Cardboard, Acrylic, PVC and many other options. These substrates are available in various thicknesses and colors.

  • Installation
    Not sure how to display your graphics, or how to get the most from your site? Have our team do a site inspection to offer you solutions that will meet your budget and meet your needs.

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